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Established in 2007, Comanche Creek Enterprises addresses grass, plant and cropland damage using advanced technologies that avoid the use of toxic poisons and deep sub-soil excavation. From farm and ranch to residential lots, we've established non-invasive and highly effective systems that government municipalities, cemeteries and golf courses trust with our services. 

We have carefully managed rodent control and seeding projects all along Colorado's Front Range & Eastern Plains from Ft. Collins to Pueblo.  We also travel to Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas and New Mexico.

Every project is unique.  We work closely with every customer to understand their goals, discuss various solutions and define a plan to complete the project. 

We look forward to working with you.

Burrowing Rodent Control

Rodents are euthanized in the burrow system using pressurized carbon monoxide.  No toxic carcasses or residue, no poisons, no threat to non-target animals.

70-90% impact with first application depending on species. 

  • Prairie Dogs                              

  • Gophers

  • Ground Squirrels

  • Voles

  • Moles

Fast and efficient

All vegetation, turf, plants and trees are left undisturbed.

Pasture Seeding

Comanche Creek Enterprises can reclaim property that has been damaged by rodents, drought, over-grazing, excavation.

  • Re-seeding/Over seeding/No-Till Drill

  • Recommend seed mixes to enhance local vegetation

  • Level rodent mounding and ruts

  • Conserve and restore soil moisture

  • Increase animal forage density


Working with local seed experts, the client’s goals and weather conditions, we develop an appropriate grass mixture to be planted.  Common grasses planted include: Russian Wildrye, Buffalo Grass, Intermediate Wheatgrass, Crested Wheatgrass, Pubescent Wheatgrass, Western Wheatgrass, Streambank Wheatgrass, Orchard Grass, Meadow Bromegrass, Sideoats Grama, Blue Grama, Little Bluestem, Indian Ricegrass, Sand Dropseed, Green Needlegrass, Millet and Alfalfa.

A typical aggressive pasture mix might be: 10% Western Wheatgrass, 25% Pubescent Wheatgrass, 25% Intermediate Wheatgrass, 30% Russian Wildrye, 10% Slender Wheatgrass. 

A good mix of early and late (cool season) grasses with drought resistant grasses is applied at a rate of 17-20 pounds per acre.  Drought resistant grasses, once established will survive in areas with as little as 8 inches of annual precipitation and harvested in areas that receive 16 inches or more in annual precipitation.

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